Take Professional Care

Let’s face it – beards are pretty great.

However, all too often, employers struggle to see beards for what they really are: beacons of true, amazing, pure awesomeness.

Some office environments are just simply determined to cling to the outdated strategy of daily shaving.

However, we have yet to find a reason why our manly manes would be a distraction or inhibit productivity in the workplace. So, what’s the hiccup?

Many men are getting tired of the effort and monotony of shaving their faces every day.

It quickly becomes a chore that prevents you from doing more important things – like showing off a fantastic beard, for one.

However, because of old attitudes of beards in the workplace, many men assume that clean-shaven is the only socially acceptable way to present themselves in the office.

old attitudes of beards in the workplace

However, the fact of the matter is that many workplaces have not taken the time to write concrete rules regarding facial hair, and what is and is not allowed regarding your beard.

The result? This creates the sense that the workplace prohibits beards – but does it really?

It’s fair to assume that most offices won’t want you coming in looking too scruffy.

However, if you keep things looking fresh, you can create masculine look while maintaining your professionalism in the workplace.

Who says you need to give up expressing yourself through your beard just to have a career? We don’t think so! In this day and age, it’s possible to have it all – and we think you should.

Why You Should Grow a Workplace Beard

Okay, so you might be able to grow a beard in the workplace without ticking off your boss. So, what? Does that necessarily mean that you should grow a beard?

Of course, it does not definitely mean that growing a beard is the right thing to do. This all depends on whether you want one.

But if you want one, then you shouldn’t let your job stop you (unless your office has expressly stated that they are against facial hair).

In fact, there are some excellent benefits that come along with having a beard in the workplace. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Express Yourself: Beards are a great way to allow men to express themselves in daily life.

However, if they are prohibited in the workplace, this takes away what can be, for many men, an essential aspect of their appearance and maybe even their identity.

By finding a workplace beard that is both acceptable in the office and allows you to express yourself, you will be able to find the best of both worlds!

Save Time: Depending on the beard style you choose to adopt, beard grooming can be a lot quicker than shaving. For example, if your beard is very short, then a quick cleaning up of the lines will be much less time consuming than shaving daily.

While you might have to trim it every now and again, most men look forward to the opportunity to pull out their beard trimmer.

As an extension of your personality, maintaining and caring for your beard will likely become something that you love to do.

As an added bonus, a well-groomed beard will likely display that you take pride in your appearance – implying that you will have the same pride in your work.

Take Pride in Your Appearance: If you like beards, then by all means, you should have one! Having a fantastic looking beard allows you to take pride in your appearance and like the way you look.

You can even switch things up and try a new beard style here and there. Make yourself look your best and give yourself a chance to stand out from the crowd with a beard!

Normalize Beards in the Workplace: As we’ve mentioned, there is nothing inherently unprofessional about having a beard in the workplace.

In fact, some beards look downright professional and businesslike – mores o than a clean-shaven face would. However, there is a societal notion that beards are not accepted in an office environment.

Help to break down this bad reputation beards have gotten by prominently and proudly displaying yours!

Popular Beard Styles in the Workplace

Who says you can’t keep it professional with a beard? We call nonsense!

So long as you choose to go with a beard that looks professional, clean, and sophisticated, there is nothing unprofessional about prominently displaying your facial hair!

Groom your facial hair to perfection, use it to express yourself, and show it off to your coworkers and clients.

While you may not want to go into the office showing off your beard, there’s nothing wrong with a clear-cut style.

Here are some of our favorite popular beard styles you’ll find in the workplace – and everything you need to know about them before growing one yourself!

Van Dyke

This beard style is suited for men to have thick and impressive facial hair. It offers a stylish vibe, but not only that – it can help in hiding a short chin, or aid in elongating a round face.

Van Dyke beard style

It’s a beard that, if you’re able to pull it off, is definitely not out of place in the office environment. It offers and air of distinction and sophistication.

A refined look, it is a beard style that your boss may even give you a pat on the back for growing.

Learn what goes into a Van Dyke beard and grow yours today if you think it might be the right office beard for you.

Designer Stubble

This look tends to be acceptable in many different workplaces. For any working man who is looking to rock a beard, this is a safe bet – sexy, professional, and easy to maintain.

Designer Stubble

What more could you ask for from a bearded look?

To keep your beard looking professional and acceptable in the workplace, though, you should groom it regularly to keep the look clean and sharp.

Getting this beard is simple. You can keep some stubble showing on your face just as you like it, but keep the lines clean cut for a sharp and professional look.

You’ll also want to trim this beard often so it doesn’t become too scruffy as time goes by.


If your boss is dead-set on not accepting beards in the workplace, you can always opt to keep your face clean shaven aside from your mustache.


Style your facial hair using a bit of mustache wax in the mornings and you’re good to go! Show off a style like the walrus, handlebar, or Chevron.

This allows you to forego the beard without totally giving up on your ability to express yourself through your facial hair.

The Corporate Beard

With a name like that, how can the corporate beard not be acceptable in the workplace? This beard is a fuller beard that is kept well-maintained.

The Corporate Beard

Devoid of unruly patches of facial hair, you can use this beard to help you dress for success! This beard style suggests that you have an entrepreneurial spirit and exhibits confidence.

To grow a corporate beard, you’ll need to keep your neckline maintained – otherwise, it will ruin your businesslike demeanor.

Shave everything between your Adam’s apple and shin. At eye level in a mirror, you should see absolutely no neck hair. Keep your cheeks clean by carefully maintaining the margins of your corporate beard.

The Verdict

As you can see, there’s no reason to let your office job stop you from displaying your facial hair with pride.

As long as you keep your facial hair cleaned up and well-groomed, many beard styles today are able to be pulled off in the professional sphere.

If you’re nervous about walking into the office with a beard, then consider asking your boss about it to get his stance on the situation.

In most cases, you’ll be just fine to wear one of these ore professional-looking beards!