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What Is Working Beards Movement?

WorkingBeards_Final - Copy (2) OUR MISSION

To increase awareness of positive sides of having a beard in any workplace. Get a deeper understanding of who we really are and what define us. Understand that the beard is just an extension of man’s personality. By removing that aspect we are hurting on achieving highest personal potential.

Personality traits have a direct and substantial impact on job performance. Research suggests that between 20% and 25% of an individual employee’s effectiveness on the job is attributable to his or her personality

The nature of work is changing. In today’s increasingly customer-focused, service-based and team-oriented business environment, companies are discovering that their “store” of personality attributes can be key competitive differentiators.

Ultimately we want to remove no-beard policy at your workplace.

WorkingBeards_Final - Copy (2) HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Share and spread the idea. Don’t underestimate the value of just one share to your social media profile, email, phone contact, etc..

Talk to the people around you. Do it today, explain at least one person how does your beard benefit you. Share your enthusiasm with everyone around you. Click on the social buttons on this page to share.

People Support Beards At Work.

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Submit image of your beard to support working beards movement